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it is been over 10 years since i first diagnosed with depres

it is been over 10 years since i first diagnosed with depression, right now i am not consulting with any therapist as i don't really believe that i can be better, i feel like i will always be depressed and that was because of emotional abuse experience that ended 7 years ago but i still suffer from it, i just live day by day, at first i was hopeful that i can defeat this but right now i feel like i will always be that way, somedays i am doing okay and other days i am angry depressed and has low self esteem and anxiety, i feel like i am a zombie not a human being, i don't feel anymore and i don't know why i do anything i do in my life and i don't know why i am here in this life and what is the purpose of life, i really don't know

Mar 12

It takes counseling and self work. There are many resources available. Some of it free info on the web. You will learn and in turn help another. You can do this. One step at a time! You will feel better about yourself.

Mar 13

the effects of abuse are a life long struggle. the older you get other things come to play like health and hormones. (men or women) I would bet that you are no near what you used to be liek 10 years ago and also that the way you decide and keep plugging away like the rest of us that you will be so far removed even in 1 year from now let alone another 10. it takes tools many different tools- it takes support- and stubborness- if you are feeling low right now - try and get into a support group or short term counselling and check in- their are supports through community/church/state health can help find resources locally and regardless of your faith affiliation they have some good information and mental health articles- it is important to stick with reliable sources- which are usually national organizations or state health. Stubborness is the key- our Creator calls it patience- Many Blessings

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