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Apparently emotional bullies are a trigger for me. Someone I

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Apparently emotional bullies are a trigger for me. Someone I considered a close friend, who yes helped me out alot(in ways I did NOT ask for), has been manipulating me with complete disregard for my wants and feelings and comfort levels. I confronted them as kindly as I could today, and they responded with a guilt trip and debate instead of compassion and understanding. These social games that people play are exactly why I have trust issues and avoid people. If I made someone feel forced into something and made them so uncomfortable to the point that they were losing sleep, having panic attacks, and having violent diarrhea for weeks on end, I would feel horrible about it! I'd be so sorry! I wouldn't try to make them feel bad for it! What kind of a cold hearted person does that? You can't just walk into someone's life, start telling them what they're going to do and when, and how they need to live(in ways like how your home is set up, what foods you are to keep, what you need to wear, how you need to speak) and expect it to be alright. Ever since I made this move, there has been absolutely no consideration towards my feelings. None. I'm being treated like a 12 year old with extremely controlling parents. It's ridiculous. I'm a grown woman, 30 years old, and have been through far too much in this life. There is no way I'm going to let someone bully me. Not after everything I've been through. I owe myself atleast the sanctuary of peace in my own home. It's the only solace I have, and they've threatened it.

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Feb 13, 2018

You need to let them know they have overstepped, that is your right!


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