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Ugh, I hate my life so much. I was getting ready for dinner,

Ugh, I hate my life so much. I was getting ready for dinner, and had put some food in a separate bowl since I didn’t want to microwave it and wanted to try it cold, since I thought it might taste better that way. My dad saw that I didn’t microwave it and yelled at me, “Why didn’t you microwave it? Who eats (food) cold? Why don’t you just eat everything cold then? Why do you even bother microwaving the rest of the plate?” As I started eating, I immediately started crying. Why do they care? It’s my food, I eat it the way I want

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Apr 15

its typical for that to happen ok. You are not alone . many couples don't understand that men are from jupiter like pancakes and women are from mars like spaghetti. example. If a man stores up in his mind ok I want to make her happy. so he says I love you. (always a good thing to hear right). The woman looks at him and starts crying. She is thinking of something way back when or of another time that makes her feel that way. The man is left hanging trying to figure out what he done wrong. Sometimes you have to understand how your man (mate) operates, or should I say, what did he go thru in his younger years to make him who he is know. Once you have figured out this valuable insight, You can move on to the next step of communication accordingly. Don't let his ways define who you are. You are worth more than any negative. So what is it that we (you and I) work on together regarding how to help you be you again and have peace. Keep in mind its a process and don't expect results immediately. A woman of confidence is a virtue. pm I want to help you become an overcomer and gain your married life back. please pm me. :)

but you still need to keep working on your half. If he sees that you are doing better he will want to know what you are doing. It can be a luring mechanism. You work on you. It will be worth it.

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Apr 15

@Sabio77 This is about my dad, it's not a SO, so half of your post isn't really possible for me to do..

Apr 15

My parents used to do that a lot. Sometimes I would get mixed messages (one day shouted at for putting mugs upside down to dry, the next day shouted at for putting them right way up to dry). What I've realised now is that... as much as this behaviour is not okay... it's more about them than about you. It might have been reflexive, venting their irritation at something else that had happened throughout their day, or something similar to what their parents would have given them grief for. It hurts, it sucks. But as you've already realised there is nothing wrong with they way you eat your food. usually in these situations, the person who lashed out has already forgotten about it. Your the only one left hurting. Do yourself a favour, let it go. It's not worth your pain.


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