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Ugh, I hate my life so much. I was getting ready for dinner,


Ugh, I hate my life so much. I was getting ready for dinner, and had put some food in a separate bowl since I didn’t want to microwave it and wanted to try it cold, since I thought it might taste better that way. My dad saw that I didn’t microwave it and yelled at me, “Why didn’t you microwave it? Who eats (food) cold? Why don’t you just eat everything cold then? Why do you even bother microwaving the rest of the plate?” As I started eating, I immediately started crying. Why do they care? It’s my food, I eat it the way I want

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Tgwcbica's picture
Apr 19

I'm so sorry. Sometimes they just don't understand that we're not the same as them.

Apr 27

its ok cupcake012 and tgwcbica, I do understand more than most people give me credit and I share my experience and ways that help me. Now, I do know that what helps one is not always the best for another but a person will not know until they try. I encourage everyone , for I do not want anyone to have to suffer. I like to help any way I can. hugs to you all

Jun 14

At 19 and with two unfriendly, supportive parents, looks like you are on your own as to how to deal with those two enemies. I'd go find a counselor or support group and begin learning how to stand up to both of your pathetic parents and win some respect, peace and eventually freedom by leaving their ugly, sickening nest. I wanted to leave my ugly home at about 9 but couldn't figure out how to do it safely. By 19, it was a snap to leave home. You must be big enough and smart enough to find some kind of back up or emotional support to handle your two obviously SICK parents. good luck winning your freedom from them.


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