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One minute I’m proud of myself, the next I’m feeling gui

One minute I’m proud of myself, the next I’m feeling guilt and regret. I don’t know if what i did was the right decision.. all i know is he hates me for leaving him.

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Aug 10

Our own empathy gets in the way. You imagine to yourself what it must feel like to be discarded and because you are an empathetic person you start to feel sorry for the person that has mistreated you for a long period of time.

My empathy was on autopilot. I would automatically try to make everything okay in any situation. I had to learn to do the opposite behavior of how my empathy prompted me. That was hard.

I assure you if this person you broke up with is narcissist that they are not grieving in the least. They are simply scheming on how to get back into your life and if you cave and let them in, the abuse will escalate.

Aug 10

@Ducktape Hi, thank you for your input.. yes He has so many narcissistic traits.. I never told him that I think he has NPD because I know he wouldn't even care and he would disagree with me anyways. I never even knew that my own boyfriend can be a narc.. until I started doing my research when things started going down hill in our relationship, until I started getting emotionally abused. He doesn't seem to even care that I left him because of him being disrespectful. He just thinks I am ungrateful for all the things he does for me yet I left him because he was being disrespectful and has a tendency to disrespect me when we have arguments. I believe he will never change and so far no contact for about over a week. If he ever one day realizes how much I loved him even though he was disrespectful, I feel like I'd only take him back if he goes to anger management/therapy.

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Aug 10

And that's what he will play on...your guilt and empathy. You go girl. And keep on being strong. Somehow during the past few years I've lost my abandonment issues and turned into the f*** off and leave type. So over it all. Hope you are doing well tonight and hugs.


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