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My memory has improved somewhat: Firstly from eating chia se

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My memory has improved somewhat: Firstly from eating chia seeds, but also I think because I no longer have to spend any time wondering about my ex. I have more empty space in my life for myself and Im not on high alert for dealing with crisis situations, or wondering about whether Im in the right relationship and replaying and analyzing and justifying and gaslighting myself into believing his reality. I also recently learned that the hypocampus shrinks in depressed people, and it is ESSENTIAL in remembering positive memories. The amyglada, is the fear response center in your brain and it is used to remember NEGATIVE memories. Just a little science to help us understand about why depressed people tend to remember negative things more than positive. It isnt your fault. Fortunately, they found that sleep improves memory formation through the hypocampus. So try to get 8 h everyone.

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Sep 14

@daisy182 I put a couple of tablespoons in my oatmeal every morning.

Sep 14

Thanks. I'll definitely try them. I love some good seeds. Lol. But seriously thanks

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Sep 14

Costco sells them


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