Idk how ppl are still racist in 2020 but my GOD! Anyone who

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Idk how ppl are still racist in 2020 but my GOD!
Anyone whos read any headline has seen in GA a white colored human and son decided to play God and take a young dark skinned humans life... FOR WHAT???? Okay sadly this fact is the less of it and what's to come, GA police weren't gonna arrest these two... BUT a neighbor caught this all on video, good right?? Hmm NO, GA police ONLY arrested those two bc the video was clearly shared to the world AFTER finding out the police were gonna shrug it off as NOT A BIG DEAL... if that isn't wrong in your mind let's see it happen to your family or friend bet there is a different story and if color is REALLY a big thing to you GO BACK TO WHERE YOU'RE REALLY FROM THEM DNA ancestor can help you find out!
SORRY, anyhow... this story isn't getting better, the neighbor was arrested for murder for the VIDEO... PLEASE watch for his no one would wanna witness something so disgusting but to be charged with something bc GA police are mad that more than not ppl stood behind the situation put pressure on them... that is almost as SICK as going to let the men just go.....
That could have been your son, brother, nephew, dad, friend, cousin etc. I don't agree with racist, if you do please don't even bother. Human is our nationality just like bears, wolves wild animals are and can be different colors if color is your issue go on bc mine is HUMAN not color

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May 31

@Belle-boots Wow. Belle. Well said. That is kind of why I think we should take race out of it. You cannot change your race. If someone is racist toward someone else. It is really highly upsetting and inflammatory cause it’s intensrly personal I get crazy about the whole picture....I don’t like generalizations or stereotypes When there is an instance wherein a white person kills a black person it is huge and seems to be attributed to racism when it isn’t always the case There are also low profile instances where a black persons has killed a white person and yet idk if it comes across as racist when it is...

As to Arbery//From what I know—i feel like he was murdered but idk if it was based 100% on Arbery’s race OR because father/son were suspecting him of a crime and turned into vigilantes; maybe they didn’t intend to shoot or kill him—-yet they did. They are in jail where they belong...

So the INTENT to harm another based on what makes something racist to me. To me, racism is not just one race has hurt a person of another race...

I prefer to use behavior. A mean person is a mean person. Whether they are black, white, purple, etc... I don’t like mean people. Sooo if I am white and dislike a mean white person.... but if I am white and dislike a mean person of any other race, I feel people focus on the racial aspect and would say I am racist...when I’m not I’m anti mean person

I think keeping race in it is inflammatory... currently I fear that black people think of white people/generally as racist when that is not the case... I think keeping race in it is basically inflammatory. Example. Maybe There are black people who’ve never had a problem with a white person. Then the Arbery death and black peoples spew hate about white people and other black people join in... idk if this is accurate at all... but it could inflame people to join in. Etc

Anyway. No one would want anyone of another race to feel hurtful racism-period. If it is nice person versus mean person as opposed to race vs makes sense to me.. idk

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May 31

@Woichneigewesenbin Strangely I also agree with you as well as belle.

My issue is Whole Picture. While racism is attributed to white people who are uncomfortable with it....maybe it’s generalizing? Some Black people are racist. That is the whole picture At least 11 black celebrities can be found online in whiteface... “white people party music” is a nick cannon album...if it was reversed????

I don’t like to be lumped into generalizations when a white person kills a black person. Cause that isn’t me. I don’t want to be hated because I’m part of a specific race.

If we live based on behavior—-crime is crime. If u murder someone you murder someone... it’s bad.
Then, while people aren’t racist, per se, they develop thoughts possibly ingrained by their experiences and by what the see or experience in the environment.

If the only thing you know is based on the recent riots and’ll develop a thought process or belief perhaps based on what you saw. Which is narrow and generalizing and yet sometimes it happens.

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May 31

@NCMom I agree with you. I avoid mean people and scary looking people no matter what color their skin is. It is really unfortunate that there are riots, looting, and plundering only when a black person appears to be unjustly killed by police. If I have missed rioting when a member of another group dies at the hands of the police, please correct me. I have heard of other groups, including mentally ill and disabled people being killed by police. But no riots unless the dead person is black. This is very unfortunate, because it can lead some people to believe that these people who are destroying the property and livelihood of strangers who had nothing to do with the police brutality are representative of every individual of that ethnicity. Nothing could be further from the truth. Decent people of all ethnicities are outraged by the wanton and senseless destruction and violence against innocent people by the demands for -justice-. Sensible people know that true justice means that there has to be an investigation. Facts have to be gathered. If this father and son posted on their FB page that they were going to go hunt ——- that day, it would be a clear indication that they got in their truck with racist and murderous intent. But if they had a friend whose property had been repeatedly trespassed upon by an individual and the friend called and said please come, the guy is back, I’’m calling the police. So they grabbed weapons because they knew who had been trespassing, they knew he had gun violations, and they didn’t want their friend to keep being burglarized, it could make sense. Some people think that they intended only to detain Arbery until the police arrived. In that case, they could have been making sure that they could protect themselves if he threatened them with a weapon. There is also some discussion that Arbery disposed of stuff he had stolen as he was running away from the site. I have no idea what is really true, and I don’t believe ANYTHING except that we don’t know yet what really happened and we have to be willing to accept the facts when they are known.

Videos are great, but what happened before the video? That could bring more understanding to the event.

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