Our take on the recent murders of Amaud Abrey, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd.
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Idk how ppl are still racist in 2020 but my GOD! Anyone who

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Idk how ppl are still racist in 2020 but my GOD!
Anyone whos read any headline has seen in GA a white colored human and son decided to play God and take a young dark skinned humans life... FOR WHAT???? Okay sadly this fact is the less of it and what's to come, GA police weren't gonna arrest these two... BUT a neighbor caught this all on video, good right?? Hmm NO, GA police ONLY arrested those two bc the video was clearly shared to the world AFTER finding out the police were gonna shrug it off as NOT A BIG DEAL... if that isn't wrong in your mind let's see it happen to your family or friend bet there is a different story and if color is REALLY a big thing to you GO BACK TO WHERE YOU'RE REALLY FROM THEM DNA ancestor can help you find out!
SORRY, anyhow... this story isn't getting better, the neighbor was arrested for murder for the VIDEO... PLEASE watch for his change.org no one would wanna witness something so disgusting but to be charged with something bc GA police are mad that more than not ppl stood behind the situation put pressure on them... that is almost as SICK as going to let the men just go.....
That could have been your son, brother, nephew, dad, friend, cousin etc. I don't agree with racist, if you do please don't even bother. Human is our nationality just like bears, wolves wild animals are and can be different colors if color is your issue go on bc mine is HUMAN not color

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May 26

I could not agree with this more! It is sickening.

May 26

Wantsthelight. I agree. However to eliminate racism you must (imho) eliminate references to race—-unless it is a missing person or wanted criminal
We know that two people murdered another person...

murder is behavior and it is totally unacceptable behavior..

The story is the victim tried to run from the attack. The two murderers chased him down. The third person videographer joined in the chase (the videographer could have and should have dialed 9-1-1 yo get police to stop the attack) so the father and son and the videographer are charged with murder as they should be...


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