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Does anyone ever feel like abusing drugs to try to cope with

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Does anyone ever feel like abusing drugs to try to cope with your depression? I'm drug free but it crosses my mind bcuz nothing else helps. I know drugs aren't the answer tho.

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Jul 13

All drugs do is mask the symptoms, it doesn't get rid of the underlying cause.

Jul 13

Have you tried any anti-depressants? There are so many out there. I would think that SOMETHING has got to help.

Qu1f1re's picture
Jul 27

Don't do it tho. Don't let the drugs grab whole of you. You know some people were fortunate enough to try it a couple of a few times then stop but not everyone is so lucky that they can do that. Don't be one of those unlucky ones. Because we don't know who is or isnt. Please don't do it.You too arcenceil don't do it.!


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