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Just a fair warning to any/all that even care... as soon as

Just a fair warning to any/all that even care... as soon as the divorce papers are finalized I’m done... I will have nothing else to live for despite whatever comments may arise... please know that I will forever be greatful for the support but it has all been in vain... I no longer have a purpose in this life so I’ve come to terms with my mortality... take care of yourselves and for what it’s worth I hope you all can push through you’re pain...

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@NCMom tx love!


@Space_Metal inner child. :-D

Jan 12

You are angry and that is part of healing. There is a part of you who wants to live but it is a devastating blow an entire life with Narcissists but there is SO much good in the world. You have been freed from the Narc and are able to HAVE a REAL life now. Getting over the addiction to the fake high of the narc is something to be dealt with but it is NOT the end. It is the beginning. I was angry that I was beginning my life from scratch a year ago but I did it and I am SO worth it. I do not think you should give the narcissist any worth. A narc has no self so whatever he/she might have been to you was all fake. There is great anger and depression in recognizing you spent a lifetime with a narc BUT who cares NOW you have yourself. Why would you give up on a real life. You did not have a real life with the narc. What a complete waste. The narc is a waste and to put yourself so low as to place yourself on the same level as the narc is a horrible thing to do to yourself. If you are seriously thinking this way it is Depression and not reality speaking. I think you should speak with someone before you take any actions to harm yourself a balanced view of who YOU are not the narc is what you need, not from people online but from a qualified person in person. I hope you take this tip to just talk to someone Once.

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