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Girlfriends ex husband just belittled her, and what he is do

Girlfriends ex husband just belittled her, and what he is doing is very selfish. Proves he is painting my girlfriend in a bad light to her kids. Everytime he does something like this she goes into a hole and blames herself for everything. Even though he cheated on her twice he is the saint in this divorce. At least that is how he portrays it to their kids.

Really sad, and I was right. She loves me with her whole heart and doesn't feel she is good enough for me. It hurts me that she is this down on herself. It really does!

Her text to me tonight was the nicest thing she has ever said to me, and the meanest thing she has ever said about herself.

"you are prob the best person ive had in my life ever, and i feel very unworthy, so im also sorry to you" <- That is a tough one for me to swallow guys! I love her and she loves me

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Feb 12

@healing11 I used to believe this, but people can only heal themselves by doing the work. You can't fix or heal anyone. I thought I could love my stbx enough that all his issues would resolve themselves, that didn't work.

Feb 12

@Doogas2008 He cheated on me. Married 18 years, together 23 at the time. We were best friends, he treated me like a queen and vice versa. I was totally blind sided by what he did. I will never trust anyone like I did him. He hid this whole side of himself from me. I knew he had baggage when we met, very rough childhood. But like I said in my post to healing11, I thought I could make everything ok for him because I loved him so much.

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Feb 12

@outoftheblue72 I agree with u.
That said, no one wants to remain broken. Everyone works hard to heal themselves. Sometimes, they need confirmation of their own worth from a loving soul!


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