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And now this... Ex Wife: We need to talk about our son.

And now this...

Ex Wife: We need to talk about our son.

Me: What is it about I have plans tonight?

Ex Wife: He does not want to be with me anymore, he called my boyfriends son gay, told me he doesn't need to respect me, told me I needed a therapist, and said he's only happy when he's with you.

Ex Wife: I would prefer tonight, but I know you have plans

Ex Wife: I think he needs more intense therapy; and possibly to be with you full time.

Ex Wife: It breaks my heart, but he doesn't care.

Ex Wife: The second something doesn't go his way, he says how awful I am, among other things and I don't know what to do.

Me: _____, <-(Ex Wife's name) please try to work with him in therapy... do not just give him up. He needs you

Ex Wife: I'm not giving him up. He just has so much anger toward me. I don't know what to do. He looked me in the eye and told me I need therapy and that I'm a terrible mom.

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Jan 24

@Doogas2008, I agree with you. That would be taking the easy way out for her, not owning up to her flaws, and not working to sustain her relationship with your precious son and he does need her. I hope she wakes up.

Jan 24

New here but my perspective is this; agree to fulltime and thoroughly paint a picture of the outcome to her...that he will hate her. Appeal to her narc ways, and then let the chips fall. He's already going to hate her because she essentially put her needs (boyfirend) ahead of his. I have two grown sons and never got a divorce, although believe me I wanted one, I avoided it because of one reason and one reason only. If I had of gotten divorced I would have no ZERO control over who my husband allowed in our sons' lives. In your situation, you get your cake and eat too!

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Jan 25

Seems that you are one of the fortunate ones to have your kids 50/50. Don’t get me wrong 50% sucks especially after having them every minute but the fact that many go through the injustice of visitation and every other weekend parenting time. Been there my friend. It is challenging indeed. Raising your kids alone is hard, but you feel for your kids when you see your ex giving up the kids to continue partying and living her narcissistic lifestyle.
I realized years ago that I have zero control over that. Especially since she refuses to legally give me more days as it will affect the child support check she receives.
Continue being a good dad. I read the book BIFF, which is fantastic and I highly recommend to easily communicate with your ex in a very simple way.

Here is an article that helped parent my kids in a more effective way as a single dad. I am sure you will find them beneficial. Keep in touch.

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