Am I the only one left who appreciates good music. Playing t

Am I the only one left who appreciates good music. Playing the "The Tracks of My Tears" over and over again. I don't fit in and and I never will. Raise your glass if you know what I mean. Deciding whether to give in to another day or just go with plan B. Screw it, I don't fit in this world anyway.

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Oct 23, 2017

@LonelyLover thats awesome that you help people with their challenges, but sometimes you need to focus on your self. when your alone try and do somethings that makes you happy, if not walking may help. that may help release endorphines allowing you to feel happier.

Jenn4473's picture
Oct 24, 2017

I understand what you mean about not fitting in. I don't feel like I fit in to this time. I feel like a Jane Austen character dropped into the 21st century. I feel many people are terribly informal and rude (for example, I HATE seeing people in their bedroom slippers in the super market. Don't they have more respect for themselves?). It seems they also want everything right now. Sometimes, things just take time and there isn't anything we can do to control time. Like norseduncan said, I can't control what other people say or do or think. I can only control my expectations. I make sure I keep those in check.

Oct 24, 2017

@Jenn4473 Trying not to waste my life changing others (in pursuit of so called bettering them in my eyes) has been the hardest thing for me as my whole life was based on that. Have had to learn the hard way and not sure I have learned yet. My problem is I will never meet anyone who comes close to my expectations and I keep lowering them but that is still not enough. Probably will be alone for what's left of my life. I have never been alone in all my life until now and definitely not enjoying it.


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