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In today's society, I find that when a man is damaged emotio

In today's society, I find that when a man is damaged emotionally by either depression or lonliness, people tend to precieve him as weak. Other guys may not take you seriously, or may even laugh behind your back. It seems like us men have the obligation to be strong and confident in order to earn our place in the eyes of men and women. For example, look at the guys who post here. I can honestly say they are nice guys, maybe too nice. That may be the reason why they were betrayed. It seems a woman really goes for the hard guys. I've read stories on here where they were treated like shyt, abused physically or mentally, but for some reason they seem to go back to them or give them another chance. Why? I don't know. Was it maybe due to the fact that they were viewed as manly? I find when a woman is hurt and broken, family, friends and even men will come to the rescue. In society It's acceptable for a woman to feel emotionally broken. Men will comfort you and protect you, because that's what we do. My question is, what do us men do? Do we need to stay in solitude until we feel as though we can be approved as somewhat normal again? I just find that a man is pressured into being 100% healed in order for the opposite sex to become attracted to us again.
What are your thought on this?

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May 18

there are many people capable of seeing things from other perspectives other than their minded people that know that the world is not black and white can easily see the myriad shades of grey...sensitive people often fall victim to seeing it in too many different perspectives and it may make them seem unable to make a decision when they are simply weighing all of the possible scenerios...

54 minutes ago

@overberringer, regarding your comment "you try to really have a real conversation with people now-a-days? nobody has the time...they want the super short one or two sentences cliff notes version then they want to take that and run with it." I noticed this happening in churches since the 90s. It used to be believed what the Bible says about bearing one another's burdens, praying for one another's needs. But over the years I think unbelievers were encouraged to join the churches. And they would ask as a greeting, "how are you?" but that used to mean the question it was. Now it is a replacement greeting for "hello." So when someone asks, "how are you?" they truly don't give a rats arse how you are or anything about you but are just being barely civil enough to wade the crowd. It's like, "have a nice day" far as most people are concerned. They mostly don't care how your day is and would be inconvenienced, if their brother in Christ said, "I really need prayer. My cancer biopsy is tomorrow."

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48 minutes ago

@overberringer, your scenario you describe is either narc abuse or maybe gang stalking targeting. Or worse, it could be both. Your life sounds so similar to what I experienced. One of my neighbors told me it is my fault I brought the harassment of my other neighbors on me. This is so insulting. I was never bullied in school as a child although my family was a narc dynamic. And actually was sort of popular. So I don't think the bullying I experience since marrying the narc is brought on by my own issues. Furthermore the same neighbor sxually harassed a family member through no fault of their own so saying they brought it on themselves would be totally inaccurate. I've concluded the only way I'll ever know whether it is my husband the narc or I'm being gang stalked and targeted, is to leave my husband so I can see whether it continues. Pretty certain it would.


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