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In today's society, I find that when a man is damaged emotio

In today's society, I find that when a man is damaged emotionally by either depression or lonliness, people tend to precieve him as weak. Other guys may not take you seriously, or may even laugh behind your back. It seems like us men have the obligation to be strong and confident in order to earn our place in the eyes of men and women. For example, look at the guys who post here. I can honestly say they are nice guys, maybe too nice. That may be the reason why they were betrayed. It seems a woman really goes for the hard guys. I've read stories on here where they were treated like shyt, abused physically or mentally, but for some reason they seem to go back to them or give them another chance. Why? I don't know. Was it maybe due to the fact that they were viewed as manly? I find when a woman is hurt and broken, family, friends and even men will come to the rescue. In society It's acceptable for a woman to feel emotionally broken. Men will comfort you and protect you, because that's what we do. My question is, what do us men do? Do we need to stay in solitude until we feel as though we can be approved as somewhat normal again? I just find that a man is pressured into being 100% healed in order for the opposite sex to become attracted to us again.
What are your thought on this?

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that's definitely a narc thing to do...they pluck at you for years and years then when they have successfully worn your patience down to absolutely NOTHING and you are emotionally REACTING to EVERY LITTLE THING they'll record you and act like you are the horrid one...oh, do you get credit for the years and years of time before that where you calmly played their trigger you here and there game? NOOOOOOO...all of the times you reasonably responded to the horribly unreasonable stuff on a constant basis...NOOOOO...they love to turn the tables on you at the end...when they know they've pushed you too far and you are fed up...and do they admit that you once didn't REACT this way? fact, HELLLLL NOOOOO...they will never admit that they wore you down over time and tore you to pieces...and the covert ones are calm about it too so they fly under the is awful...


oh...sorry..i guess I missed the post where you said who in the neighborhood has been harassing you...I guess bc you have said that your husband is flirty with various women, I thought it was the neighborhood women...teenagers can be downright cruel...just ignore them...they're just looking to pick on you and get a reaction...


absolutely...I agree


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