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New here, here's my storyI am currently separated and will b

New here, here's my storyI am currently separated and will be getting divorced soon. My soon to be ex and I have been together 22 years.  We were 19 and 20 in 1997, I was truly in love.  When we were about 24 in 2004,  he wanted to move out and did, I stayed in the home with our 3 year old.  After 8 months he asked to come back and said he wasnt thinking clearly and needed to be with us again. I told him I always loved him but if he wasnt sure dont waste my time and his and lets just stay apart.  He had to be sure its what he wanted. He insisted.  In 2012 he asked to have another baby and we had twins .  Fast forward to 1 year ago.  He tells me that he has never truly been in love with me and that he was very young when we got married. He said the only reason he moved back in with my son and I in 2004 was because of extreme guilt he felt for not being around his son at the time and he was very sorry for lying.  In 2012 he said he thought his feelings would change if he had another child and we conceived our twins but he says it didnt for him. So here we are 22 years total, 3 children and he wants  a divorce. .  I find out he has cheated on me and had emotionally connections with other woman.   I am completely devastated and my grief is horrible.  I am mourning my marriage, my future life, my best friend.  I have to become and actor when I get home in front of my kids to make the transition for them as smooth as possible but on the inside I'm broken.  I'm such a homebody, dedicating my life to my kids for the last 13 years.  i dont drink, Im a little over weight.  I dont see myself with anyone else ever again and its very sad.  How does the grief get better when you love someone so much and have to sit back and watch them move on with their life, and find someone they really want to fall in love with?  Life is sucky sometimes.

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Aug 12

@Marathemoabite thank you for the advice

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Aug 12

My pleasure. It’s what i would do in that situation.

Aug 23

It hurts... bad... And I can completely empathize... but for me, and I don't know where you are, but I believe in GOD and I believe that he can move mountains and heal marriages... I've been divorced twice, due to the men cheating. It made me wonder why I was not good enough... I have found that GOD had a plan for all of my life, and that I need to leave everything in GOD's hands and let him handle it.

I'll be praying for you!


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