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Has anyone had to continue living with their spouse even tho

Has anyone had to continue living with their spouse even though they say they are done with the marriage? My husband just told me he was done and that he only wanted to talk to me about the kids. He was upset that he caught me looking for his phone and yes I know I should've had more self control but it's hard when you suspect them doing something. He has not even tried to say sorry. I've attempted texting calling and apologizing and nothing. He completely says no and to leave him alone. How does one just ignore this and not let it get to you when there are kids involved and we are still under one roof. He said he would be moving out but I can't trust anything he says because I have been screwed over in the past with similar situations.

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Cwbjoe216's picture
Nov 13, 2017

@Kas1966 at least he is man enough to admit it was his own free will that caused the problem. I am sorry you have been through it and hope all works out for the best.

Nov 13, 2017

@Cwbjoe216 thank you best to you also.

Nov 13, 2017

I wish my husband could have acknowledged that anything was his fault. Blaming me for everything was his favorite past time. It takes a long time to heal from that


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