I have been through hell for the past 3 years. I lost my twi

I have been through hell for the past 3 years. I lost my twin boys. No other children alive. My husband and I separated after all the trauma. We were both with other partners. We decided to get back together and make it work. I just found out I got herpes from the guy I was with and now my husband wants to go through with the divorce. I am beyond devistated. I am so depressed. Feel so rejected. I feel like my chance at love and a family is gone. I'm in my 30s and just feel so hopeless. And on top of that emotional stress I am having my first outbreak in my privates. I haven't stopped crying for the past few days. How do I move on with life after this? After I lost everything and now have this lifelong disease that doesn't have any hope for a cure.

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Mar 26

@a_survivor thank you. I appreciate your kind words. It's just so overwhelming right now and feeling alone and rejected doesn't help.

Not sure why it posted 3 times, thanks haha.

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Mar 26

I've walked in your shoes when there was no internet! I KNOW exactly how you feel as if it were yesterday!

DON'T FEEL REJECTED! you are among friends here and we will be here for you!

remember, Knowledge is Power and Power is CONFIDENCE!

learn all you can about HSV so you will understand more and fear less!

we have a FREE Handbook pinned at the top! please download, study & read it!

in case you don't see the link, here it is:

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Mar 27

Srm I'm so sorry about the lose of your boys. This is a lot to deal with. For your husband to reject you because of the herpes is shallow and selfish, especially since you both had other partners during your breakup. He is not someone I'd choose for a life partner. Take it from me; 30's is so young. You have plenty of time to rebuild your life. Although no one wants herpes type 2, it is the least problematic of sexually transmitted diseases. From what I understand, it is pretty common today. It is somewhat manageable and for most it does not cause other long term problems besides the irritating, annoying rash. I have read on here that other people experience other issues due to it; I never have. My outbreaks are totally triggered by stress and changes in my life. Learn all you can about it and focus on your emotional healing. As for your soon to be ex, my guess is if he can't deal with a simple case of herpes, he probably can't deal with much of anything. Life is full of problems. It's just the nature of it.

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