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Hi all. It’s my first post and it is going to be a doozie.

Hi all. It’s my first post and it is going to be a doozie. I just told my estranged wife who is divorcing me that I am almost certain I have genital herpes. Only reason I say it is because I’ve only had two breakouts in five years and my most recent one happened when I found out I was getting divorced. I have had std testing in the past but never the blood test. The time before my wife they told me that you could only test a sore and since I didn’t have one at the time, they didn’t test. I thought my first breakout was a razor cut. Met my (soon to be) former wife, we started dating, got married and had a daughter and 5 years went by and I never saw another sore. The divorce news plus a horrible depressive episode sent me to the hospital for help and is when I noticed the sore return. My wife and I by this time hadn’t had sex in over a month. I’m getting the blood test this week but until I get tested and she gets tested I know my anxiety is going to be through the roof. Not to mention I had to tell the woman I loved more than myself that I may have given her genital herpes. What do I do? I feel like a pathetic human being. How could I be so ignorant?

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Jul 8

Welcome to SG, @Ashfire!
The gift that keeps on giving. When I got it, it manifested itself quite boldly but over time the breakouts became less and less. It is hard when you have to break the news to someone else. That certainly is hard. It's a very hard lesson we all had to learn. That is to have protection. There is a real good Herpes Group on SG if you have some time.

Welcome to the Depression Group!

Jul 10

I totally understand the anxiety can be horrible! Our minds can be a very dangerous weapon. I am here if there is anything I can do. Please know that you are not alone!

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Jul 11

We all make mistakes that’s what has gotten into this mess in the first place. Things will get better and if the lady you really love loves you also she will accept the news and be willing to be there for you through thick & thin! You most definitely are not alone!


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