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Can I ask a question... this is from my past but it’s haun

Can I ask a question... this is from my past but it’s haunts me . My parents are both addicts . I’m no longer living with them because I moved out at 15 but now I’m an adult (19) I just wanna know why they brought me into this world to make me struggle . Keep in mind I was taken away from my mom and my dad was never in my life he said he doesn’t love me and when I was 15 I planned an escape and moved to a different state . I was young and desperate to find a new beginning. She begged me to come home but I never did I only came to visit a couple times I haven’t spoke to her in 2 years ... another reason I left is because my cousins that lived next door despised me because they’re white and I’m half Latina half white so they always bullied me ... one of them even gave me a blade to hurt myself... I didn’t know it was wrong at the time .. but now that I look at the scars I made I feel so ugly and I regret it , if only I had a loving family . Maybe I would look at myself differently. Can someone tell me why they did this to me

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Feb 22

I appreciate everything you guys but I just feel like a burden because to be honest I don’t feel any better ... it’s like one moment I’m so happy and confident but it could be 2 minutes pass by and that gets shut down real quick and all I can think about is how I’m so insecure

Feb 22

@Joanna2020 you are not a burden. This is exactly what these groups are for! It seems like some of this emotional burden that you are carrying can be relieved if you work with a doctor. Do you have access to medical care?

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Feb 22

@Joanna2020 don't say that! Yes, I know it's hard, but you won't be like this for an eternity.


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