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I've been struggling with depression and anxiety for years.

I've been struggling with depression and anxiety for years.
I've been on many medications with no success.
Yesterday my doctor said we should have had some success by now. So maybe it isn't depression. Maybe I'm bipolar. I really don't think I am. She has prescribed me lithium. I've heard about lithium and it seems like an extreme drug to put me on, on a hunch that maybe im bipolar.
Have any of you had a very mild fork of bipolar? Is that such a thing?
I'm scared to try lithium and have it effect me badly if I'm not even bipolar. Ugh.

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Jul 11

I have been on lithium for about 2 weeks now with no major side affects until 2 days ago, I had moments of blank mind, like I cant move and my mind goes blank it only lasts for a few seconds. I have been thru almost every bipolar meds and all have caused issues , I am seeing my dr tomorrow

Jul 11

Try talking to your Pharmacist. They are aware of many of the drugs that were used in the past. I lucked out in finding a Pharmacist that had worked in the Mental Health field. He came up with drugs the Doctor had never heard of.

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Jul 11

Just be aware that lithium can affect your thyroid


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