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For brief periods I feel hopeful and like opening up but alw

For brief periods I feel hopeful and like opening up but always when I come home the reality of how hopeless our family is and how dim my future is always just hits me and I get so much anxiety and I always help my friends and my two sisters who are sick but I feel like there's no one I can turn to and I want to cry forever or die but I know I can't because I'd leave my sister and little brother and I couldn't bear to be without them. I feel like I can't cry in front of people because I give them comfort and support but at the end of the day I always break down and try to hide it and I don't know what to do. On a brighter side my twin is recovering and should be home in two days so I have that to look forward to

Sep 13

Sometimes we need to stop helping the world and start helping ourselves. I am one that loves to help others but I never have anyone ask me if I need help or if I am ok. I have given up on helping and started taking care of ME and have started liking who I am again we seem to lose ourselves when we help others all the time but get nothing in return. You can still help but don't do it as much until you can feel good about yourself again.


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