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I'm 23 and I live with my mom who has a lot of health proble


I'm 23 and I live with my mom who has a lot of health problems, physical and mental. She has diabetes and has been spending our food money on junk food and sweets. Today I hid a pack of oreos because she went through a whole pack in just 2 days and on top of that bars of chocolate. She came up to me while I was in bed relaxing and my dog on my bed sleeping ...staryed asking for the pack of oreos and went through all my things without my permission. Since I refused to tell her where they were or give them to her she started threatening me and raising her hand so I had to pull out my phone and tell her I'd record her live for the internet to see. She retaliated by saying hurtful things and pulling out her phone to record my messy room but then left and threatened me again.

My mom has always been a mean manipulative person and i never knew it wasnt just a bipolar parent thing, though it was normal but she's just plain horrible. I love her with all my heart but a few years ago I realized it. That she wasn't the woman I thought she was. She lickekicked me out for having a boyfriend at 19. She would like to my family and tell them he hit me and that he was abusive or holding me against my will.

I have been depressed since I was young and it's gotten worse the more time I have to spend with my mom because she's so negative and condescending. She me be taught me how to drive so she could have as much control of my life as possible and made excuses any time ne ory siblings asked. 2 of my siblings had to sneak around to learn how to drive while my mom worked and stop to this day they are the only ones who know how.

I'm so stuck in my life, I'm so useless and don't know how to get out of this situation. I have no one but my dog to comfort me

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Apr 14

Hi lithnic, how are you doing?

Apr 15

Hey everyoine, thanks for your concern. Honestly it's hard to do anything, I don't have a job so it's difficult to do anything without money. I'm looking for one at the moment and sadly my neighborhood is kinda trashy so babysitting is out. I'm hoping I find a place nearby where I can walk to and not have to apply though a computer. And betty I completely agree, I've thought that for so long that she's afraid of being alone. I don't think she was meant to be a mother, always acting like we were born to do her biding and like we owed her something. Now we all have psychological problems we're all screweed and she won't take responsibility for it. If we were to accomplish something good she'd quickly take responsibility for that though. I'm waiting to get medical card so I can go get help, see a therapist or something. I just can't keep living this way

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Apr 16

@Lithnic, Sorry you're having such a hard time. My daughter is a mental health case manager and she deals with situations like this everyday. Are there social services in your area? Call the local courthouse. They should be able to refer you to an agency that can help you get housing, therapy, employment, and any other support you need. Praying you are able to find freedom, hope and a bright future.


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