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I recently relocated to another state to escape an abusive (

I recently relocated to another state to escape an abusive (verbally, emotionally and finally physically) relationship. I am more scared being alone then with my abuser. I know this feeling will pass, but when?
How do I overcome the very deep, emotional scars that are now embedded in me,..for life.

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Jun 11

@hgtmpb Don't give up. I too, did not think i'd have the strength or courage to leave my situation. At least now I KNOW I will have a future, what ever that entails, it must be better. My hobby at the moment is learning my new surroundings. Things are very different here then in CA.

Jun 13

The reason I can't leave is that my money is all tied up in the family business. If I stop workimg I will go bankrupt. So I am staying and fighting for my own space and property. Things are much better now. I set boundaries and make my relative feel rejected when she behaves badly. Then she bangs thigns and swears a lot which I think means I am in control and she is frustrated.

Thanks for the encouragement! I hope you will be very happy in your new life.

Jul 11

I am very sorry about what you’ve been through, CathyJoelle! I would recommend that you call this organization I know about that has a staff of licensed professional counselors who listen, pray, and provide guidance to anybody who calls. You could speak with one counselor at no cost by calling 1-855-382-5433. It could help because they can provide very useful guidance. I am very glad you escaped the abusive relationship. It’s time to have a better life. I hope you decide to seek necessary help because you are in a better place now and you can choose to have a better life. God bless you!


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