My husband just went ballistic over my trip to get "fast" fo

My husband just went ballistic over my trip to get "fast" food taking longer than he perceived it should and his fear when I didn't get home when his mind on dementia thought I should. He thought I was gone 2 hours, and it was only 20 min. He has been calling me names and yelling at the top of his lungs that I don't love him! It is all so hurtful even though my rational mind knows it's the dementia, my emotional mind and heart are still hurt. This sort of thing happens three or so times a week or more, an it is wearing me down. I love my husband and I love the Lord but right now I feel alone and abandoned. Can anyone help me???

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Oct 12

@Lddjfield If you are on F.B please friend me Veronica Kelly Badowski. There is a group on F.B. called Senior Caregivers for all caregivers. Please friend me and let me know if you are joining Senior Caregivers. I will look for you there.

Oct 16

@Lddjfield just wondering how you are doing.

31 minutes ago

Starship, thank you for asking. It seems to be that every other day is good.. the day after the fast food incident he forgot it happened and was sweet and himself. Still unclear about"how we got here" to the home we have lived in for 3 years. But otherwise sweet. Then the next day was difficult but I took some advice I got here and didn't let him know I was upset and went along as best I could, and his frustration and anger blew over. Again today he was good. I have also found a ladies Bible study to go to on Tuesday morning when he is good and I can go. He is still at the point where I can leave him alone. So I went to that this morning and it was helpful too. I do appreciate you taking the time to ask! How are you doing??


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