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I am new to sg and really do not know what to say or do. My

I am new to sg and really do not know what to say or do. My husband is going through dementia and some days he is ok but others not here. I need help to figure out what is happening next. He is bed fast but knows me sometime. I am feeling lost and angry and to why this I'd happening.

Feb 11

Unfortunately there is no way to really know what is happening next. You will need to accept that the times he knows you will become less and not to try to "make" him remember. This is not your fault, however it is your problem to deal with. The lost and angry feelings are normal. We are losing one who was support and now they become a burden and even hostile. It is the shock of this that has you scared. Try to learn about this. You can do that here and there are many to help. You can also go on line, get books, get counseling if you can afford it etc. Try to think of him more as a child from now on. You know the mothering feelings I am sure. It is when we give and nurture and know that the little one has not much to give us. Just remember, as he declines his ability to understand will be less, but his ability to feel will still be there. Try to just sit with him and communicate without words. He will feel your intentions.


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