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Hi my name is Sandy Cleveland and I am from Springfield VT.

Hi my name is Sandy Cleveland and I am from Springfield VT. 5 years ago my father was diagnosed with vascular dementia. His name is Robert but his nick name is Red (red hair) he is a resident of the New Hampshire Veterans Home in Tilton NH. I am what you would call a long distant caregiver or POA both medically and financially. Up until a year ago he was doing well, his dementia has progressed to where he was moved to LEDU (Life Enhancement Dementia Unit) this week. The transition did not go well and when I went to visit him he was still adjusting. He referred to me as one of his sisters, I was beside myself he may have not known my name but he knew I was his daughter. I am broken hearted to say the least the reality of his mind is actually dying has hit. Just needed someone in the same situation to connect with for support. Getting harder to hold it together.
Thanks for listening

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Nov 16

I wonder if putting names on the pictures would help.

Nov 17

The unit he is on does not allow glass objects so his pictures have been placed in a memory box that is locked. Before his transfer I would go through the pictures and tell him who family members were. Thank you for the suggestion I will look into it.

Nov 17

Some copy machines maybe be able to copy well enough and perhaps that would leave writing space. Getting old is no picnic


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