I am completely freaking out. My background in short form is

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I am completely freaking out. My background in short form is this. I have only ever been close to my mother and sister. I don't really have any other family that I have been close to, especially in the past when I was an "active addict" I pushed away everyone in my family that I wasn't super close / or close to (like extended family, who I only saw at family get togethers) leaving only my mother and sister. I have since put that lifestyle behind me, I have been clean and sober (as of yesterday actually 2/12/21) for 3 years now. This is the longest I have ever "behaved myself" I guess is a good way to say it LOL. I have finally grown up, thank god. But Anyways besides my therapist, my mother is my own real support in this world. I have LIKE NOBODY ELSE AT ALL.
She has recently gotten sick, I am so scared that it is COVID-19, and that I could very well loose my mother over this, and that thought scares the hell out of me. I really don't think I could make it through that lose, if it happened.

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Feb 17

@JustDavid, you're very welcome. And I mean it sincerely. My husband was an alcoholic and went to rehab. It's a tough road to tow.

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Feb 23

Maybe you can get a roommate

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Feb 26

@JustDavid So glad she is feeling better! Is she eligible for the vaccine?


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