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Who am I and why am I here? I'm here because my Therapist re


Who am I and why am I here? I'm here because my Therapist recommended a support group and since we don't have any where I live she suggested try online . I'm 54 and I have some major health issues , I've had 2 Heart attacks 26 Stents put in , I'm over-weight , I have high blood presser, and suffer from Anxiety , COPD , Social Problems , smoker and a list of Heart issues. I'm on a ton of meds , just went on a new one for Anxiety , seems to help , needless to say I don't feel bad unless of course I have to go somewhere , then it's carry my Oxygen , walk to my Car , catch my breath for 6-8 minutes then I can drive. I'm alright if I don't have to get out of the car , getting out and going in the store and coming back to the car is madness. My life has totally changed and I thought it was hard meeting someone when I was normal , I'll be alone the rest of my life , there's my new life in a nutshell ! I'm not complaining and I'm not really depressed , I just get aggravated because of my breathing and the panic attacks. So I hope you let me in your group?

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Nov 13

Hugs and welcome!

Nov 14

@CKBlossom Thank You!!

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Nov 14

@Sleepy_Hal - Welcome Hal..your not alone now..YOU have us, glad you found this site. Do your best to keep endurance up, I'm 61, use treadmill 4x's per week. Use to walk my dogs but the got too old (11 now) & started shutting down on me on walks so I invested $200 in a treadmill & had someone put together for me. If you can take walks (bad days) do "sitting down" exercises - leg lifts or march inplace during a commercial. Above all stay w/us, nice having folks to talk with.


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