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It has been a very long time since I've been to this support

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It has been a very long time since I've been to this support group.... wow... I'm feeling the memories when......

I joined the group like most of you , newly out of the hospital from a frightening experience of some kind of respatotiry failure.... ( all I knew was I had a bad recovery from a bad cold...that turned sour real quick by way of an ambulance ride to the ER).... my lifestyle changed . Placed on O2 24/7, had to stop working a job I loved, and move to a bottom apartment rather than the 3rd floor one overlooking a beautiful pool... as well as isolation for the next 3 months until the flu/cold season passed... now I was a very active person and boredom set in real quick... and very few friends tucked under my wing .... I found this group..... Lifesaving and learned so much from a group of persons who could relate to my every word ful of fear, anger, loneliness and a quick development of low self esteem..... We shared life together as well as sharing our experience, strength and hope..... we worried about each other when we didn't hear from them after a day or so... we reached out and became bonded at the hip.....
so the point of the story...... keep coming back!!! We are not doctors who can give you that mirical cue or answer you might be looking for... but we are just like you... searching, somewhat scared, have a strong desire to be understood.... and an assurance that JUST FOR TODAY.... this too shall pass!!!!!!

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Aug 17

Glad to see ya back Keyboardbj!!

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Aug 17

@mechele I'm still plugging along - one step at a time.

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Aug 17

@gailg56 thats all you can do honey...two at a time tends to make us trip!! :)


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