Hi, new here. Have COPD and I am feeling angry at what I hav


Hi, new here. Have COPD and I am feeling angry at what I have. I had a bad 'cold' for over a month, mid december to end of January, breathing better now but I was a mess even when my daughter and grandkids came to visit from the midwest for Christmas. It was awful coughing, worse than I have ever had, not being able to bring the sputum up. I keep on telling myself I will not get depressed or angry but I am beginning to see/feel some of that. Thinking of my own mortality brings me down. I am 64 and even my 91 yr old mom worries about me; she is so healthy! Why do I have this? I smoked when I was in college but I quit in 1980, for God's sake! No one in my family has any terrible diseases. I got rid of my doggie because doctor said no pet hair/dander is good for me. I keep my home pretty clean from dust and only use cleaners that are not strong in chemicals. I don't do much exercise, guilty. I am overweight, so those two I know are not helping me. I use the inhaler twice a day and have used the rescue inhaler only once when I felt panic from not being able to breathe well when I got stressed out. I was reluctant to join any group because it saddened me reading all you go through, well, I am one of you and I admit it now, no more denial. I will get the vitamin D you have recommended to others and the cod liver oil. Anything else that can help?

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Feb 19

I received the magnesium spray oil today! Yay! I wanted to ask you how you use it? Where do you spray it? How much, time of day, etc It doesn't say on the bottle. Thanks!
Hope all went well with hubby?! lol I miss that part of a relationship, just the kissing/holding, not all the other stuff... been a while, with all the menopause changes I became so not sexy and he, well, he just stopped calling... and after him, I have been pretty much alone. Thank God for church friends and girlfriends who just accept you as you are, right? As a matter of fact, I'm playing Bunco with a bunch of them tomorrow morning. Yay!
Thanks for the HBA translation. I find myself using less and less beauty products, make-up, perfume, lotion, antiperspirant, etc I am using coconut oil and natural deodorant, toothpaste, jojoba oil etc. instead of heavy fragrances like I used to.
I have given away a lot of my candles and incense that I used to love using! Life is becoming so simple now, but healthier!
I'll look for the zinc, thanks for the tip.
I'll ask around for loquat leaves, too!
Good night, my dear, sweet dreams and hope it was not too hot for you today out there.

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Feb 20

@Alexph ok, about the magnesium oil..I assume you got the same brand that I mentioned? Kaiame Naturals brand? There are directions on the bottle but in short 20 sprays a day (equal to 400mg) is the recommended dose. New users should start with about half of that and work up to to 20 sprays. It will feel tingly and itchy for the first week or two of use but this for some reason does not happen on your feet so use it there until your body gets used to having it sprayed on it, then you can spray it on anything that hurts really. It can be used for joint pain, muscle spasms, muscle cramps....I use it on my neck and shoulders ..I used to get really bad pinched nerves in my neck and this is a thing of the past (Yay!) Since I started using it last summer. I have not had a single pinhced nerve since And that is something to say since I got them very frequently!
Perimenopause caused me horrible insomnia and this oil has also made that a thing of the past and has even promoted a sense of calm for my nerves that were out of whack and just insane some days :)
I am so glad you are getting rid of your items that have chemical estrogen in them. Burst Bees has all natural make up. The only antiperspirant I have found that works and does not have chemcial estrogen in it is Almay for sensitive skin. Antiperspirant is one of the major causes of breast cancer in that you are actually rubbing chemical estrogen into your Mammory glands. There are articles about using magnesium as a natural deodorant but I haven't tried it.
If you are using coconut oil, make sure it is organic. Regular coconut oil is not good for us....it clogs pores.
I hope you can find some loquat leaves....I used to make tea out of them all the time. My neighbors loved it! You can use whatever spices you want in it to give it flavor, just dont add sugar.
I'm glad you have social activities that get you out and about with your church friends. Staying social is going to be key in not allowing the depression that normally comes with this disease to consume you.
Off to sweat some more bullets today... We are having record breaking heat here today high 80s and low 90s already...whew...thank God for making someone intelligent enough to invent air conditioning!
Loads of hugs your way!
Add a minute to your walks today... I am proud of you for your efforts!

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18 hours ago

I already added a minute to my walks... I could hear your voice telling me that for this week... LOL Started yesterday.
My shoulders and neck area are a little sore from all the ups and downs and all arounds I am doing with my arms as I walk.
Playing Bunco with the ladies was fun but stepping out into an unusually cold n windy day here and breathing lots of dust from the tree trimmers in the parking lot gave me a bad headache all day.
I have another outing tomorrow with the red hat ladies and it's at someone's home so it will be okay, I hope.
Thanks for the hugs, sending some back to you!


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