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Hi everyone. My hubby has copd and has been on oxygen 24/7 f


Hi everyone. My hubby has copd and has been on oxygen 24/7 for 2 years now. For him it started 6 years ago. Quit smoking immediately. On meds, staying active and exercising and then like a stop sign it hit. It is progressive. He started with a c-pap machine and oxygen night only. Did not take long for oxygen 24/7. To all of you newbies with this, it is the new normal, whether you are on just meds. I wish we could have stayed with the just meds situation. It was a rough 1st year. He went through pulmonary rehab, highly suggest it, doctor has to write a order for it. I went online immediately looking for education and support groups. There is a site called Pulmonary Wellness that a lot of people recommend to get educated and watch videos that Dr. Noah Greenspan has on this site. You can also catch his Utube videos, just put in his name and it will pop up. My hubby uses cannisters, mostly the c & d sizes. We do have a portable that can plug into the car, and then the large canister that is in the middle of the house with a 100 ft hose so he can walk the length of the house and into the garage. Some people I know use the liquid oxygen vs the cans. The larger d tank he uses mostly for exercise, then he is on 5 contstant, when just sitting and not much activity he is on 2 pulse, this is all the tricky stuff that gets worked out to stay mobile and active as much as you can. Copd is not a death sentence, its a new way of doing things. He had to give up 18 holes of golf but he does 9- holes with a back pack on his back. It is do-a-ble. and can be done. We have not flown yet, but did make the trip to Florida this past Winter. We did make it with a lot of coordination and stayed for 6-7 weeks. I got him and he was willing with the back pack on and walking back and forth in about 3-4 feet of water. He plays bocce ball the same way. I am not saying that this is easy to adjust to but if you still want some quality of life there is no alternative. As you go from one support group to another you will find there have been people on oxygen for 5-10-15- 20 years and longer, the most important thing you have to understand that exercise is the number 1 priority and what works for one may not the same for another. You will get a lot of suggestions, so please educate yourselves. I was looking into cruises, there is a company online called Sea Puffers, they do 3-4 cruises a year and take care of your oxygen needs before, on the ship and flights if anyone is interested. Enough from me today. Just wanted to share what our last 2 years have been like. I don't want to call myself the caregiver but in a way that's the way it is. I over compensate for the things that he can no longer do. I feel blessed that we can still go out and stay active as much as we can. To everyone breath easy and remember purse lip breathing when you get frantic. You get taught that in class and utube videos. God bless everyone.

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norseduncan's picture
May 15

thank you very much for sharing this!

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May 17

Thank you for your time in sharing your experience & resources .


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