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My family are homophobic. And I'm pansexual/gay. I like girl

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My family are homophobic. And I'm pansexual/gay. I like girls lets just say. (I should clarify Im a girl.) And they found my twitter and my mum shouted at me. Because my twitter is PandaMan. She saw the bio and she said You're not allowed to be a homo. You can't pretend to be a homo boy. Well, I guess I'm never coming out.

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Feb 26

I understand your situation to a certain extent. I am a girl and my family is homophobic too. And I don't really know my sexual identity - if I'm bisexual or gay. This is because I'm attracted to both guys and girls. These days, I notice girls much more and even feel attracted to them rather than to guys. However, once I was speaking about the LGBT+ community at home, and my dad got really angry and yelled that I should think before spilling cr*p from my mouth. So, yeah I do understand you and I guess that I'm never coming out too...

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Mar 4

I had a similar experience. I remember when I was in my late teens, my mom told me that she was afraid I was going to turn out gay. This was largely because I was raised without a father in my life (raised by mom mom and sister). I did not feel comfortable coming out to my mom because of that reason, I did not want her to feel like she failed or I failed her. Later when someone who knew of my sexual preferences was going to out me to my mom and other members of the family, I told them to take that power away from them (I was over 40 when I finally told her). I was surprised how accepting she was of me, even knowing how much she had feared it in the past. Your parents will always love you, even when they are disappointed. sometimes a little time is all it takes for some perspective. I wish the best for your and always love yourself for who you are. Sexual preference does not change who you are. They will come around in the end. <3


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