I feel like I have to not display my authentic self of enjoy

I feel like I have to not display my authentic self of enjoying non-cisgender/binary gender expression in a public domain. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 7 years and he thought being female and growing out leg/armpit hair was just a hippie phase. When I try to be more normative when we go on dates or visit his extended family, I feel so fake pretending like I have to be smooth, wear eyelashes, and tight jeans when I actually feel like more of a free spirit and it feels inauthentically uncomfortable still navigating his boundaries vs. my personal preference of expression as well as never exploring my sexuality spectrum beyond him. I guess I’m still coming to terms of my genderqueer non-binary ness and how to be comfortable in public especially around family/people I know...Or how I can feel queer yet be with my bf for all this time...

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Jan 14

If he isn't supportive, then maybe it is more about your wanting to explore a relationship outside of this one.


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