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Nose Issue? Hi SG, referred here by the Trevor Project. I

Nose Issue?

Hi SG, referred here by the Trevor Project. It seems like I have a weird nose issue whenever I look at girls. I get almost like a snarly look, where my nostrils sort of flare and like sniffles in. Is this a sign that I am becoming gay? It seems like my nose is causing me so much trouble. If you google “disgust face” this is how my face looks when I look at girls. It’s really odd because I also become rock hard when I see or get intimidate with girls. This is becoming a huge problem. I had a septoplasty to fix my breathing hoping that would work, but it didn’t improve anything. Don’t know what to do.

Jul 28

I can make a wild guess or I can say something intelligent. I'll do both. The guess is probably not. Something intelligent is make an appointment with an psychiatrist who is also a MD. Chances are, another guess, something to do with the same nerve stimulation as yonder part.

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Jul 29

:-) You don't really "become gay". you're attracted to who you're attracted to... sometimes the body can have it's own reactions to different situations. I think the answer to your question doesn't lie with your nose but with your heart. Are you attracted to the same sex? You're attracted to girls... that obvious from your post but if you're also attracted to other boys... then you're attracted to both sexes... it happens, its normal, you're normal whatever your answer is :-)

Jul 29

After I made my comment, I remembered that when I was a youngster and got highly nervous my nose and cheeks would try to creep right off my face. Like the first day of Drivers Training behind the wheel, LOL or attacked by the neighbor's collies or attacked by my drunk uncle. LOL Just nerves. I think that is why I suggested above.


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