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FML I was talking to my dad about how it's almost Thanksgivi

FML I was talking to my dad about how it's almost Thanksgiving break right now, and how I was going to be bored all break and have nothing to do because none of my friends are around anymore (they're all in college, living in dorms, and probably spending time with their family during that time, and I'm staying at home while I'm in college) and my dad just shoots back with "That's because you have no friends" WTF like what kind of parent says that to their own kids? Making friends had always been hard for me while I was in school but I never admitted it because I was too afraid of being judged and cast out, and I got rejected by a few of my crushes, and one of them even friend-zoned me. But that doesn't mean that I don't have any friends, and hearing that from my own parents broke my heart.

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Nov 8

@Matt_from_Accounting Thanks, I will

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Nov 9

Hi ShareBear,
I am sorry, your dad’s reply has offended you. Please feel free to message us, no one will judge you here in the forum and we can be your friends too.
I pray that you will feel better and you will enjoy your thanksgiving break. Take care and God bless.

Nov 9

@j2415p44 It did, but I'm over it now. I usually post on here if something happens that I can't really deal with or handle by myself. Thanks


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