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Does anyone else start to feel physically sick when under a


Does anyone else start to feel physically sick when under a lot of pressure (emotional or otherwise)?

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May 15

I get nauseous, tired, no appetite, panic attacks, body aches and soreness, migraines. I try to slow down and take things one step at a time and tell myself that I have managed things before and I can do it again.

May 15

I've been feeling physically ill from my depression the last few weeks. I woke up nauseated. I have trouble moving about and I feel pain with no real cause. It's my head. The power of our brains is quite astounding. If you figure out how to make it go away I'm all ears.

May 15

My stomach get really sore and I feel insanely uncomfortable in pressing situations like meeting some family members. Sometimes I start shaking slightly esp in my hand.


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