So here is my issue. I left my ex 2 weeks ago. I’m layi

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So here is my issue. I left my ex 2 weeks ago. I’m laying here and feel this rush of pain thinking he is already with someone else and it’s consuming me with pain. He was such a manipulator and verbally abused me but the thought kills me. What is wrong with me????

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11 hours ago

@Marlo There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, that's how the cycle of codependency works. The person we are closest to who falls in the lines of some sort of dependency finds they have us in the palm of their hands. Once they see us in our vulnerable state, they manipulate us to try and gain control. Sometimes when we are in a relationship it feels normal and when we separate from this person it can seem unnatural, or unfamiliar because even though it's not comfortable it's something we have grown to know. So, without it it can make us feel even more vulnerable after one leaves. With time this will go away, I only know because my mom is this way, and I still have to distance myself from her. I see that you made this post a week ago, how are you feeling today?


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