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OK FOLKS!! Lets get a handle on this beast!!! Co dependent p

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OK FOLKS!! Lets get a handle on this beast!!! Co dependent people are the most wonderful strong people who exude amazing personality traits: reliabillity, sensitivity, compassion, etc. etc. I went online to find "Positive Aspects of Codependency" because I am weary of always hearing about the negative sides of codependency...it is as if that word is synonymous with low self esteem with weakness, ...I have experienced..an EPIPHANY...COdependency keeps the world running.. where would we be without each other??? what messes everything up is IMBALANCE....OUT OF BALANCE traits, behaviours, situations... when our wonderful positive side becomes so all consumed and out of balance with helping, supporting that we abandon healthy boundary setting, and lose ourselves, lose our souls to please at any cost ..and forget about our own needs and desires. We may forget balance! balance! balance!! NOT skewed like a teeter totter in an abandoned playground, but on an even keel and balanced like the thing of beauty as is our love, compassion and caring for those around us and for ourselves . Peace and love

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Dec 5

thank you

Dec 7

I need to have learned this at a younger age.

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Dec 8

True but you have read it now....think these [positive thoughts about yourself and they become your mantra...your physical body will respond to more positive energy from those thoughts.... start in one place in your life and manifest positivity there.... things have to improve because that is the only response to positivity. Louise Hay prayed positivity and manifest good health thus curing herself of terminal cancer. Try listening to her tapes/cd/ called Stress. She starts out, stress is only FEAR. Fear causes the body to react upon itself.....for me...her meditations are effective.... we can all be whatever we want ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually....our choice...... Peace


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