I'm feeling like my whole life is crashing in around me. My

I'm feeling like my whole life is crashing in around me. My wife of almost 16 years is leaving me because she can't take on my issues that I have, both from the military and before. I have finally started to talk to someone because on the anniversary of me living and the other kid didn't that wall holding everything back gave out. Everything came out, and all of it at one time. Right after that is when I get told it's either I was moving out or she was. So now I get to sit here and stare at this wall with nothing on it in this apartment that I ended up getting. Knowing that I may not ever have the chance to get back what I'm losing in my life. Today has been a very hard one for me because I took a long hard look down the road that I must go down to get back to being mentally healthy, and it is scaring the hell out of me. The one person that I want to talk to about this is not there for me anymore. So I'm not only losing my wife, I am truly losing my one and only best friend that I could trust in this world, and it is eating me up inside. When I looked down the road that I must go down it got to the point that it felt like I couldn't breath. That I got kicked in the chest by a horse and my throat was closing in on it's self.

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May 4

Maybe it is time to widen your net of people you can talk to. What about a veterans group in your area?


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