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I am currently living with my husband, my three children and


I am currently living with my husband, my three children and my step-son. I told my husband in July I wanted a seperation. He left for two months and then came back. He is severe deppression, anxiety and mood disorder. I am currently miserable. I am in therepay, we go to joint therapy. it's all me, me , me. He didn't want this, I did, I've ruined their lives. I am in a toxic hell. I just need to move forward and I don't know how. I want him to move out but have really no way to get him to. He is a good man, I just don't love him.

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Nov 6

Okay. We are the only ones we can change. I hope you can find everything you need to become who you want to be.

Nov 7

I am working really hard to change. Living in the same house tests my codependency to the limit. I take every emotion he has, every mood, every snarky comment and internalize it.

Nov 8

I really do understand. I used to do the same with my husband. I have learned though that I am my own person. I get to choose what I will and won't do. I don't have to take responsibility for my husband's choices, only for my own. For me it was a process of discovering who I am and discovering my worth. I went through an in-depth Bible study and learned about God and who He says He is. And I learned who He says I am. It was so healing for me. Praying that you can find what you need to not allow his emotions and behaviors and his negativity to control you. Hugs.


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