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in the last week, I have had a good week, I was able to stop

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in the last week, I have had a good week, I was able to stop thinking so much about myself and my issues and just live a little and enjoy life for most of the week. It was a new feeling for me, I can't remember the last time I felt like that. that is such a goo thing to look back on and realize. Now for the part that I don't like, my wife made a comment about her life and she came to realize that she needed to be in control. As much control as possible in her life. She was never wanting control but over 20 years ago, when she had medical issues, it was something she needed she found, Control. I can look back and see when that started to erode my confidence and my relationship with her. just working on myself everyday and seeing where this information will take me. and how to work on gaining control back in my life, more. For example this weekend she made the comment abuot needing to stay inside and it was OK. I followed that up with, I can see that for you, but for me, it drives me crazy, the thought of being stuck in side and no leaving the house. I have things to do and can just sit at home. It helped me to realize, when she feelings that way, I have to really step out and get away, otherwise I feel like I am not getting the stuff done and I can't let that hold me in the house and the list of things to get done pile up, that just addes to me pressure.

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Mar 15

It is good to talk things out and find what each of you need, even if it is different for each of you.


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