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Every post I read makes me feel like Im the narcissist or th

Every post I read makes me feel like Im the narcissist or the person with the problem. I feel like an imposter, in my last relationship and also this one. So I often pull away when I feel like something is "off". I feel like Im a placeholder until someone better comes along, or until they actually want to commit. In the meantime just to go through the motions of a relationship because people are lonely or something. Like Im an experience, or time killer. I just feel like I have no say to choose, because likely people are afraid to tell me the truth of what they actually want. So then really I cant actually decide, because people havent given me all the information. In the end Ill be disposed of, thrown away, whatever and get to feel abandoned. And thats OKAY but I need to know if thats where they plan to go so I can know what Im agreeing to.

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Jan 21

Sometimes I feel that way too. My ex-Narc says I'm unstable because I keep breaking up with him then go silent by not returning his texts, his phone calls, etc....I did that because the verbal abuse is awful and I shouldn't put up with that. But I look back and think maybe I was the narcissist. But someone posted a reply to one of my posts and said the difference is that I empathize - I care - I truly love and mean it. I'm sure that's you also. That's the difference - so you're NOT the Narcissistic one because you have empathy, you care and you truly love. Think about that. If you were the Narcissist, you wouldn't have posted what you posted. Hugs!

Jan 22

Here are some great books I am reading: 1. "More Language of Letting Go" by Melody Beattie, 2. " Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents" by Lindsay C. Gibson, PHD. 3. "Leverage in Death" by J.D. Robb. This last one is a mystery novel, I read for fun. The other two books are deep personal growth books. Anyone reading anything they are enjoying, or finding particularly healing?

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Jan 22

You may have problems or issues that should or need to be addressed, but that doesn't mean you are a narc.


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