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Note: this is quite lengthy and Eye use Eye for culture reas

Note: this is quite lengthy and Eye use Eye for culture reasons. Your feedback would much appreciated.

My narcissist biological father has been silent treating me for so many days Eye lost count. Until when my car broke down and I had him pick me up at a grocery store. He didn’t even come to me completely in the store and didn’t even greet me when Eye said hi and what’s going on and bet when he was ignoring me. Then asked me about my car when we got in his car. He said reasoning for not speaking to me was they don’t need to know our business inside but yet he ignored me when Eye brought up about him not greeting me.

Eye asked me where Eye was at when it broke down and where Eye was going, where Eye was going. Eye told him Eye was going to appointment. He ask for what? Eye said my teeth. Then he said as if Eye was getting my wisdom teeth removed, which Eye couldn’t go by myself. He was surprised that Eye paid 85 dollars for a flatbed because before he asked he thought he had to pay for it and he was already saying if he is not paying for it.

Now today no more silent treatment he’s acting jolly and Eye said to myself He’s plotting something and he goes out and tells me he’s going to the store. Shocked when Eye asked him that. Knowing to feed his gambling addiction to play lottery tickets.

But he comes back talking about my car (under his insurance) and everything else related to car then bring is separated wife who is my biological narcissistic mother and how she crashed his car years before I was born (literally heard that story a ton of times). Eye am entirely silent unless necessary (grey rock). He has the insurance guy on the phone (Eye don’t use a cell phone, he brought it up in the past about him getting me one and said Eye don’t want one because it’s too much a distraction. He said interesting... ). Explaining to the mechanic my biological father is almost excited that my car broke down and he has to deal with all of this but when this was happening before he was doing the silent treatment when entering the hotel we stay in.

Back to him coming back, he came back with a cellphone he bought himself a new one and me the same one. He said so he could text and call me. He placed the phone on his footside of his side of the bed. Then when Eye came out the bathroom he was laid out and the phone gone but moved on my desk.

Relatively quick fill in the past he would and my biological mother harass with the phone. They were taking turns with it... sickening. Driving me nuts! My biological mother drove to another state Eye was in because Eye didn’t answer her phones calls. Then harassed me on video then ended the video and then threatened me saying Eye better not try to hit her when she was hitting me in while Eye was in the bed trying to get some sleep for school. Then months later she drove back to me to harass me and was following me with tracking device Eye can get off. She ended chasing me with Eye knife Eye ran out to apartment to the police, they did absolutely nothing!

So when me and my biological father came to live in the hotel. She started sell him saying he’s the one who had the tracking device put on my phone. When eye addressed to him and said she’s trying to split us up then trying to lie and getting the same answer. The whole time she was harassing me chasing me with a knife then following me to the police station and me telling him what happened he was nonchalant it because he was behind it all too with her as a covert narcissist.

So guess what he called the phone he left Eye didn’t answer and didn’t like that narcissistic feeling of them trying to control via phone. Some know why Eye am talking about. When he comes back Eye will tell him Eye don’t want the phone and he can haven’t because Eye won’t be using it.

In middle and high school he would silent treatment me for months then call me at night when he’s at work so much my biological mother would say who am Eye on the phone with gong ove my minutes? Literally angry at me, eye showed her the call logs of it being my biological father... she then turned around and acted as if it’s not big deal then said he can do that making excuses.

He gets supply with control. Crazy someone who walks in the house without speaking to me says he wants to give a phone to call and text me. This narcissist thinks Eye am stupid.

But Eye hate it so much, Eye HAVE to and AM going to get financially independent with my business!

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Apr 15

That's the spirit!

Apr 15

@Ducktape Appreciate it! Eye placed the phone on his nightstand so by the time he got back he said nothing at all about it. He knew what was up, he uses it as his own now lol.


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