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The biggest mistake I made was try to show proof to those wh

The biggest mistake I made was try to show proof to those who are supporting the narc. It was like going back a full month in recovery...injured all over again! The pain is just as bad as the narc's pain :(

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Feb 5

@blueberries1234, @preciousgirl Can we keep talking (writing) about this? These topics: Not taking their behavior personally; Owning our own power; Self validation etc. are exactly what I am working on. Your experiences are helpful.

Feb 5

It is so frustrating when the narcs smear campaign succeeds in damaging relationships and reputations. Even people who want to be understanding can't get what it's like. The only people who will truly "get it" are those that have been through it themselves.

No words of wisdom here. It just stinks.

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Feb 5

I’ve been fortunate enough to have my family and friends believe me. This is only because after so much time, they have seen my narcs mask off. People who do not believe you are people who are or may become victims of a/the narc. Once you have lived with one it is definitely an eye opener for life. Plus....who cares what others think. Trying to convince people who are in the narcs circle is in reality becoming sucked into the narcs game.


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