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November 19th, 2020


So you guys, I said no to being a bridesmaid. I sent a soft

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I SAID NO! I sent a soft toned text to him after they both kept flipping everything and doing things last minute. was told I could get fitted tomorrow but was also asked to search for a and then I got a sick feeling in my stomach because my brother ended texting me right after his gf and he asked if I could possibly go today. So I told him kindly I can't be a bridesmaid, it's too much and how if possibly I'd happily work with decorations if they need help. But I cant keep being strung along like this (I didn't mention that) ans he said it's okay that he understands. As soon as they got my number it was text after text from.both. when someone doesnt reply then other one tags along, kinda like hoovering or something. It's crazy to me.. and now I feel nauseated and cramping a little for saying no and meaning it... I cant seem to be as proud as I'd like. I just keep feeling sick.

Nov 20

The good news is your brother said thsts thats really good. Also real good thinking on your part to offer other kinds of help...that was sooooo clever! Im happy for you. Take time to let it sink in and keep telling yourself its ok you did an excellent job in graciously declining. You couldnt have done it any better! :)


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