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I'm super Sad- crying, which I never do. My mother has final

I'm super Sad- crying, which I never do. My mother has finally stopped talking to me. It's been a long time coming. She blames me for everything wrong in her life. We were going to start counselling, but now that she has cut off communication, I guess it's over.

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Jun 19

@Mighty_mert I am sorry to hear this but the truth is some relationships (unfortunately) are not reconcilable. Even if it is a family member. You have to take care of your emotional health. You cannot change someone else. They are the way they are, many of them are that way even when they are old and ready to leave earth. It is very sad but only God can change one's heart.

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Jun 19

@Ducktape your absolutely right on that

Jun 19

They say that it is rare for a narcissist to change or it is very rare for a narcissist to change. See the big picture in this and I understand how you feel, <3333 (hugs) hope you feel better.


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