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I just read an article someone else posted, “But They Didn

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I just read an article someone else posted, “But They Didn’t Hit Me – Narcissistic Abuse IS Domestic Abuse" and this one part stood out to me:
“The narcissist will be putting in overtime trying to woo you. However, don’t be mistaken: the wooing is NOT to make YOU feel good, it is about mirroring. They will prance, dance, flatter, cajole, impress, charm, and seduce you into liking them; because when you like them, they get to feel like they’re looking in the mirror and seeing themselves smiling back.”

In our last few months together, he actually told me I was "like a mirror." Like I was just reflecting his emotions back at him. He also said that talking to me was "like talking to himself" because we "knew each other so well." I'd say, "No, it's not like talking to yourself because I'm a separate person!" He was dissatisfied talking with me in our last months, constantly accusing me of not supporting him and not loving him, of being cruel, just because what I said wasn't what he wanted to hear.

I also remember towards the middle of our relationship, he'd flat out say something like "I married you because I thought you had low self confidence and would do whatever I want! Then I found out you started talking back!" He had a way of saying things like that as "joke."

But in retrospect, it's amazing how revealing many of his statements were, and how you can be so accurate and descriptive while being so un-self aware at the same time! Did anyone else have comments/experiences like that?

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Feb 19

Love is blind as they say.


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