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Day 13 Narc-Free. I heard that my narc's take on a decade o

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Day 13 Narc-Free. I heard that my narc's take on a decade of verbally abusing me is "I may have said some harsh words, but I apologized in the morning!"

It's amazing that someone can be so unaware of what happened. I wonder if he really does know what he was doing, because saying something like that could just be his usual false face and manipulation, trying to make himself look like he's in the right. But to think that someone could put me through all that, for so long, and have no concept of it, no empathy for my pain-- it's just mind boggling! And for that person to be someone that claimed to love me and said they'd do anything for me.

I can't wrap my mind around it. But at least I know now that having a real relationship with him is impossible, and I can move on.

Feb 7, 2018

They're all fake and really good actors but that's all they are good at. They make light of everything they do and say or they just simply act as though it didn't happen, they didn't say it, or always have justification..everyone else is wrong. The one I know is a perfectionist and control freak, oh and she tells everyone that she loves them even people she just meets, she honestly believes shes so great that they all love her pathetic. No one can have a real relationship with them.


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