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Day 11. My narc is still trying to make contact, but he can'

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Day 11. My narc is still trying to make contact, but he can't get to me. Today I confirmed that he did go on FMLA for mental health treatment the day after I left. He has to attend therapy twice a week in order to keep his job and insurance. When we were together, he didn't mind going to therapy by himself, but avoided couples appointments at all costs. I think that's because his manipulation doesn't work on the therapist if I am there.

ANYWAY, I'm glad he's getting treatment and hope he can stabilize his life, but it's not very likely.

Finally, here what I tell myself to prepare for him trying to prove that he's changed and improved later on: if he really dud one day feel empathy for me and realizes what he's done, he will not ask for me back. If his goal is to have me back, that is for himself and shows that he doesn't care about me. I think this is true and will help protect me from future attempts.

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Feb 10, 2018

@NowImNarcFree Correct me if I'm wrong, however it seems like you are looking towards the future to help you cope and move on with your life. And, that's great I applaud you for being brave enough to help yourself, plus to take yourself out of that situation has to be a big change. You're a very courageous person to reach out and make the healthy decisions to move on and get passed this. Please stay strong, and know I'm here for you. Hugs!


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