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Day 10 of no contact with my narc. Today he used his mom to

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Day 10 of no contact with my narc. Today he used his mom to try to make contact. It is a trap and I didn't fall for it! His "emergency" was that he got a job offer and his mom said it was "an important life decision that he needs to discuss with his wife." Well, he abused me for over a decade and he doesn't get one more moment! I do not want him to accept the job because it is one block away from where I work, a prospect which is more than a little frightening. But I don't want to be involved in his decision one way or the other because my wifely "obligations" are done! He is still kind of getting to me, though, because the attempt to contact makes me angry, worried, and stressed. But at least I won't fall for his trap and contact him.

Feb 4

Good for you! Stay strong!!!

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Feb 13

Way to stay strong, thwarting his chance at manipulation!! There is no winning the narc as impprtant a decision it is for him can be a devastating course of retaliation for you. What I mean, is that we provide them with our most intimate details of our lives, we confide in them as they ask many questions but un like someone who genuiney cares for us, the narc will flip the information around to scold us over. So if you provide him with pros and cons of accepting the job, he will certainly us whatever he can against you when something job related doesnt pan out for him. Its lose lose.


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