Hey every one I'm really not sure where to start, I just rea

Hey every one I'm really not sure where to start, I just really need some help right now. I'm at the point where I not only want to end my life but I actually may follow through with it. I'm 27 years old and I have an 8 year old son. A few days ago my girlfriend, we'll ex girlfriend called the cops on me at our home. I had been drinking and we started bickering, not arguing but just going back and forth she then got upset and tried to kick me out when I refuse to leave she called cops. I'm now homeless and have place to go except a homeless shelter but there a waiting listo. I honestly would just rather off myself. My ex and I had been together 10 years and I am certain she is truly done with me.

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Oct 12

@Isaiah_b7 first get better for you and focus on you! Because norm if your doing it just to win her back you result to old habits. Learn what your triggers are. Church is great but spend time in the Word because that’s what changes you and prayer. I have a drinking prob too but it leads to depression.... open the Bible and read read renew your mind. Look up verses online pertaining to your struggle. It’ll help. If she sees a change in you to better yourself then it may work out. Time apart may not be definite just focus on you.

Oct 12

@Isaiah_b7 I actually wrote a book on renewing your mind in the word of God (bible study) I’m still proofing but it’ll be on sale through amazon) there is healing power in the word of God but it takes time to change bad habits

22 hours ago

I am not in your shoes, I’ve worn a similar pair at one point in my life…I think everyone, or at least the majority of people have thought about suicide as a solution…and yes, it seems viable, it seems like the best option…for me, yep, it was the best option, I was right on the edge. In those days I didn’t have the faith I have now, but I believe God was working in my life because I am here writing to you! I had several friends who were there at the right time for me and they brought me back to the land of the ‘living;’ I emphasize living because I was hiding from my real problem….ME. Everything was going wrong because I was too arrogant to admit my mistakes and confront the problem, fixing me. I wasn’t lucky enough to have a child as my anchor, or a girlfriend or an ex; I had work and my friends.

I threw myself into both, saw a counselor and eventually got better. I don’t buy into the whole suicide is a selfish act, it’s an act of a desperate person who has nowhere else to turn, nowhere else to go in order to find the help and resources one needs in this situation. However, you have a son who deserves to know his dad, if for no other reason, get up off the ground, brush the dirt of your past from your clothes and get better for your son! There’s more to your story, it cannot be so simple, I am not asking for an explanation, but I am saying you know what lies ahead of you and what the problem is – set aside your pride, arrogance, whatever the road block and get better.

Many people have risen to greatness from the ashes of their own failures…this link, https://www.metanoia.org/suicide/, has a great set of resources and fantastic advice when considering suicide…please, please, please take the time to read through it! You are valuable, you are worthy of the living, and you deserve the pleasure of knowing how great it is to know your own child! I have two, raising them is great. The following four articles may be of some use, especially the psychology today article and links, take the time to consider your options, http://bit.ly/2mFxWoz, http://bit.ly/2xOBOdC, https://www.psychologytoday.com/basics/suicide.

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