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I’m a disgusting, worthless, person, I am the common denom

I’m a disgusting, worthless, person, I am the common denominator, I ruin everything and everyone around me... I don’t deserve happiness or love, I’m a waste of space and I’m a useless human being... I can’t even perform the basic functions adults are supposed to... I’m a immature child stuck inside the body of a grown man... I’m no use to anyone nor myself... I’ve never mattered to anyone...

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Jan 11

I am very sorry you are having such a difficult time. All of these negative things are being told to your brain, but do not believe what you are hearing because they are all lies. When we are depressed, this is how our brain works. Are you seeing a professional healthcare doctor and/or therapist or counsellor? Try to think positive to help keep those negative thoughts from returning. Surround yourself
with positive people. Stay busy and do things that interest you and make you happy.

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Jan 11

When you realize you are a piece of crap you've just solved 90% of the problem. Now it's time to use your knowledge of that and change, helping other's along the way. I don't want my death to be as elaborate as yours either. I just want to be hit by a bus.

We are all the common denominator btw. We are all imperfect.

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Jan 11

Space, we are all like two sides of a coin. The good side and the angry, bitter, depressed side.
Sit down and write what's good about you. The things you do like about you. The caring part of you. The parts that work well and try to do well.
I'm a person that hates sarcasms and exaggerations. I try to say what I mean and mean what I say. I think its a good way to be.
We all have faults and make mistakes. You know for a fact that your not worthless. You know there's good in you. So write it down and be honest with yourself. You can write it in a journal if you like. Or write it here for all to see. You've commented on others posts because you care. Your here because your looking for advice and change and support for that change.
Your depressed, alone and lonely and hurting. None of us can throw our arms around you or each other for a group hug. But we are honestly here for you. We take the time to read your posts and comments. We care enough to tell you to knock it off. Your okay, you'll get through this. Your a good person with people that care about you. Your having a tough time of it. We all have tough times. But don't give up. And don't give up on us..... Cause we're here for you.

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